An engagement shoot in the rain?

Updated: Jun 29

Honestly, the sweetest thing I ever photographed in heavy downpour of rain was this fun-loving and newly wed couple!

couple session in the rain on schuylkill river with Anett Mindermann Photography

Lately, we've had some really high temperatures with an insane humidity for June followed by some light thundering in the late afternoon. Just like last week, when I talked to the groom. So we decided to reschedule our #engagementphotoshoot to next week, which happened to be after their Wedding!

Well, today didn't look much better. But the couple wasn't able to move it to another day, since they both live in Seattle and were flying back home the next day. So, the conversation went like this:

Me: It's raining.

Client: Ok, we'll see how it turns out.

Me: (10min later) It's literally pouring...

Client: Ok. We are about 20min away.

Me: Make sure, you bring an umbrella!

Couple in the rain during engagement session with New Jersey photographer Anett Mindermann Photography

Engagement session on Schuylkill River with New Jersey photographer Anett Mindermann Photography

We met on the very picturesque Kelly Drive on the #SchuylkillRiver in Philadelphia, and thankfully there was a bridge that gave us some cover. The #BoathouseRow, a National Historic Landmark is right around the corner from here. I seriously couldn't believe my eyes when a rowing team came by and practiced in this type of weather!

Here is a short video of the location while I was waiting for them to arrive:

Besides the heavy rain, it was early evening hours, around 6pm, and the clock was ticking to get some decent images in the last hour of the day. I started off with some close up shots of their rings and as you can see in the pictures, her ring unfortunately still has to get fitted and was too small, so we improvised.

Here are some more shots of them walking in the rain:

I always ask my clients if they have specific shots or poses they would like to get. Gaurav told me that "The Office" is their favorite show to watch and in one episode is a proposal, that happens in heavy rain at a gas station. And if possible, they would like to replicate that. So, we looked up the closest gas station and off we went!

Man proposes to girlfriend in rain during engagement session with South NJ Photographer Anett Mindermann