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Personal Branding Photography for a virtual assistant

"I need some branding images for my new business for my social media and website. Can you help?"

Elizabeth and her cousin Jason just kicked off their new business venture- a virtual assistant service company, that will help you achieve a better work-life balance by providing expert assistance for all your personal and business needs. And to get their website started, we needed a few images of Elizabeth working and a headshots.

We used a coffee shop for her work space, since this is just a very common and relatable environment.

No Eye Contact Images:

This puts the viewer in "observation mode", and it can feel as though you're gaining a glimpse into Elizabeth's work day and a client can envision her as she could work on a project. These images are great content builder and can be used in various story lines for social media.

Close up/ detailed shots:

I always include some detailed close up images, depending on what is needed for their content. Our space we had to work with, was extremely limited, so we used this small table to our fullest advantage.

Direct Eye Contact:

It's also important to include images with Elizabeth looking straight at me. With the subject looking directly into the lens of the camera, you create a connection between the person being photographed, and the person viewing the photo, such as her clients!

And here is a head shot of her, which she can use on various thumbnails on her business accounts and social media.

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