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5 Tips for a successful headshot session!

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Taking professional headshots for young professionals, entrepreneurs, and other small business owners is one of my specialties! A lot of people are intimidated or associate "stress" with it. Here are a few tips to make it an "easy breezy" session:

Head Shot Portrait of a young female professional by South NJ based photographer Anett Mindermann


Kate needed professional headshots for her business profile and social media platforms, so she booked me for a 30 min Headshot session. Understanding exactly, what the client is looking for, in terms of her session is extremely important to me, especially close up shots. Make sure you share with your photographer as much info as possible, to get the right look and feel.

2. LOCATION - indoor or outdoor

Indoor or outdoor? You can go for a beautiful enviromental headshot outdoors, using open spaces such as parks. Or go indoors for more the corporate/ executive headshot version. Kate prefered this style. Usually, I use public office spaces or bright indoor spaces such as coffee shops or business locations. She was so nice and offered her apartment. I found a perfectly clean wall in the kitchen right next to the refrigarator. Can you tell?


Pick a professional outfit, depending on the look you are going for and keep it simple with colors. Choose a color that complements your skin tone and brings out your eye color. No fancy patterns or heavy accessories. If you need some more outfit ideas for professional headshots, why not check out Pinterest.

I love Kate's simple and professional outfit, which gives her images a very clean look. You can also bring a second jacket/ blazer with you to get two different looks.

Also, have a few things ready on hand:

  • lint brush handy for extra hair, especially when you have pets

  • touch up make-up like powder and lipstick/ gloss

  • hair spray/ brush for these crazy fly aways


That's definetely the hardest part for all of us, who are not used to get their pictures taken. As soon as we look into the hole of the camera, we tense up, get stiff and lose our natural smile. That's when the photographer's magic "should" kick in. My first priority is, to make you feel confident. After a few warm up shots, I have my clients take a small break to get some water and to losen up. I talk a lot and ask questions about their work or pets, to ease their nerves. I make them feel comfortable by complimenting their outfits, their looks and try to make them laugh with a few silly phrases.


Posing will feel weird, but if you trust your photographer, you will see a beautiful end result. Half way in the session, I share some shots with my client and show them some from the beginning of the session and some where the client got the posing right with a beautiful smile. Every client is amazed by the difference. This also boosts their confidence and they will do so much better from that point on. It also builds trust between the client and photograher, and proofs it's worth hiring a photographer for professional headshots!

Another reason, I show my clients several shots is to ensure I have at least three good ones where the client loves her smile and look. I learned long time ago, whatever I might like the client might think is aweful! Client Approval is worth gold and will make you successful.

Interested in a headshot session with Anett Mindermann Photography? Simply click here: Contact.

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