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Three American Flag Themed Mini Session Inspirations for Photographers

Great for Memorial Day, 4th of July and other American themed Holidays.

1. The Donut Smash Session

Keeping young kids and toddlers attention for a longer period time is hard, so why not use donuts to our advantage! AND they love it. PROPS: Donut shops or other Grocers offer American themed donuts a week before these holidays. I got the ones in my pictures at Krispy Kreme. My simple little prop set up and deco is from Hobby Lobby

PRO- TIP: Follow their lead! Let them play around and get silly. These are serioulsy the best pictures. The ONLY posing guideline I told them was, do not touch the donuts until I count dowfrom 3 to 1. This gave me plenty of time to get some pictures before they got all into the icing and sweet stuff on their shirts and hands. Can you tell, they seriously had a great time. No jokes needed.

2. American Flag

I try to do these right before sunset, so I can position the sun right behind the flag. This adds a very nice glow to the flag. Here are a few of my favorite images with several different posing ideas: here I have the boy hold the flag up behind him and position him right infront of the sun, facing me.

Depending on location and backdrop, I also have the kids raise the flag all the way up in the air with the sunset in the background.

A very popular posing idea among kids is running with the flag! I tell them to lift up the flag behind them over their head and then run straight passed me, with the head up. This will add some great motion to the image.

PRO- TIP: Increase your Shutter Speed Settings before you start doing this, to avoid blurry images. I have mine usually set between 500-800.

If you are not sure about your settings for action sports, I recommend to check out my educational YouTube video, where I explain all my settings in detail for action sports photography

3. Captain America

For these shots I used digital backgrounds I found on Etsy. Just search for Superhero Backgrounds and you will get a lot of different options.

This is my son Lucan and he is in LOVE with Capt. America. I simply positioned him in front of a white wall for the image, and then later added him onto the digital background in PhotoShop.

PRO- TIP: For the jumping pictures, I had Lucan jump off a mattress and over a small obstacle. I was below him on my knees, so it gives you the impression, that he is up higher than he is in reality. You can do a lot of different variations and let the child experiment with it.

If you are interested in booking any of these photo shoot sessions with me, check out my themed Mini Session website here.

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